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Patrick Mulready

City of Canon City
City Planner
Patrick graduated from Arizona State University’s College of Architecture & Environment Design with a Bachelor of Science in Design in Urban Planning, and a Masters from UC Denver in Public Policy. His career as a land use planner on the municipal (public) side of the development process begin in 1990.  In his 30-year career, Patrick has worked as an intern for the Arizona State University Research Park, and for the City of Brawley, California; the Town of Monument, Colorado; the Town of Parker, Colorado and now the City of Cañon City, where he has served as City Planning since 2018. Recognizing that Cañon City’s tools to effectively guide and shape development, and the disparate processes for approval the various application types had to follow was hindering the City’s ability to attract investment and apply land use planning tools to solve some of the identified public policy issues the City was experiencing, Patrick worked closely with the City Administrator to convince Council to make a budget allocate to help update the City’s Comprehensive Plan (for the first time since 2001).  These funds were then matched with a grant the City had been awarded from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs to simultaneously update the City’s Zoning, Subdivision and Development Regulations in the first comprehensive manner since the 1970s.  This effort was completed in 2021, and has provided the City with only a better set of tools to guide development, it has also regularized the development review process and made the effort much more comprehensible to investors, builders and developers coming to Cañon City for the first time.