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Lester Limón

P3 Communities
Principal / Owner
Lester grew up in the expansive Flint Hills region of south-central Kansas where he learned early that great results require hard work and perseverance from regular people. That notion helped him form the ethos of his company and to inform his professional efforts.

Lester was educated at Kansas State University, an institution known for its pragmatic and technical approach to problem-solving in design and construction. His own “thinker” personality meshed well with that approach and continues to serve him well two-and-a-half decades later whether he’s processing design decisions on the board, collaborating with officials and contractors in the field, or laboring with groups creating healthy, sustainable, and prosperous communities.

Having worked with so many groups in various communities, and seeing the need to develop and use communication techniques to maintain civil discourse among diverse groups with differing interests, he went back to Kansas State University and pursued a Masters degree in Community Development. He graduating after finishing original research exploring social capital in communities. Consensus-building and civility are his chief priorities.

His strongest personality trait is loyalty. He works with project partners to ensure loyalty with others, loyalty to the project parameters, and a loyalty to the creative process. Lester is always interested in being a project partner, recognizing the talents and enthusiasm others bring to the creative process. Whether he’s asked to lead, follow, or accompany, Lester will be there from beginning to end.