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Luke Doster

UCCS Venture Attractor
Program Administrator
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I like to consider myself a business connoisseur as I am fascinated by all aspects of business and the resounding impacts a firm can have on the ecosystem connected to it. 

Over the years I have pursued many different paths:
- In my early years of college, I worked to build a platform called Spot Together providing students with access to the collective knowledge of all the students who had succeeded in similar courses in the past. 

- I was offered a leadership position to help revitalize a struggling mHealth platform called Loop Communications and decided to shut down Spot Together to focus on this project. This opportunity taught me a lot about project management and completing deadlines. Just a few weeks before the submission deadline COVID-19 spread across the globe resulting in our potential partnerships falling away as they focused on more pressing matters.

- I have an extreme passion for technology and more specifically Cryptocurrency. After discovering it in 2017 I have been obsessed with the concept ever since. I am a firm believer that technology will change the world in ways we don't foresee and Crypto is a major catalyst of this change. Independently researching these concepts for years I have fallen in love with the intricacies of blockchain.

- With a strong passion for technology, I was ecstatic to receive an offer to work at Sports VTS a cutting-edge mixed-reality football training platform. Working in operations I was given the opportunity to learn the business inside and out and immerse myself in this tech on a daily basis.

- Most recently I was brought onboard EPIIC at UCCS. EPIIC is the El Pomar Institute for Innovation and Commercialization. Within my role as Program & Outreach administrator, I oversee the day-to-day operations of the various entrepreneurial programs housed within EPIIC.

While these are just the highlights of my experience to date there are many other fields, industries, and activities I am highly interested in. If you'd like to learn more about me feel free to send me a message as I would love to talk!