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Sonja Howle

Boerne, Texas

We (GeoRanch.com) were just awarded the 2022 Land Tech Accelerator Award from the Realtors Land Institute.  

With our foundations in Real Estate, and the Realtors code of ethics, we work with real estate land specialists across the nation to connect landowners and leasing ranchers. Whether for a landowner or a leasing rancher, we'll work as a fiduciary and provide guidance for our clients' best interest.

At the heart of GeoRanch.com is restoring land through regenerative ranching, especially in the Plains and West. The next generation of land stewards and ranchers need access to land.  

Our ranch management and consulting division has access to location intelligence and the network of professionals who can not only be a part of the management planning team, but also serve as mentors. Lease maintenance in the short and long term depends on wise partnerships.