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Flavia Kubricht

FR Consulting
Project manager
Colorado Springs

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I am an immigrant with an international career and network and am fluent in 4 languages
I lived in different countries and having studied and worked in different countries for years, I am a researcher. I have a passion for social impact and the execution of projects targeting the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).
I’m passionate about cultures, people and countries which is why I chose a career in International Relations. I love engaging and connecting with different people around the world, creating mechanisms of cooperation, and finding a focal point where different nationalities can collaborate together.

I can strengthen the entrepreneur's potential by showing their resources, skills, background and network of relationships and also how to activate these resources to grow their business.

I am a bridge between Brazil and other countries, a matchmaker, especially the U.S. working closely with the international community, state and national Brazilian leaders to identify, plan and implement programs and development models that improve economic opportunities, and that can be replicated or scaled up, increasing benefit and community skills.